How to choose the curtains at home?These dry goods knowledge points are worth collecting

  Curtains are one of the most important soft decorations in every family。

  Because the curtain area is large, therefore, the visual impact is also large。

  Whether it is pattern, texture or style adjustment, it can have a significant impact on the entire home style。

  So, how to choose the curtains at home?Today's share, to solve this problem。

  First, how to buy curtains at home?

  1, the choice of living room curtains

  First of all, let's talk about the living room, as the first place to see after entering the door, the living room is not only the embodiment of the entire home environment, but also bears the function of receiving visitors and entertainment。Generally speaking, the Windows of the living room generally have half Windows, French Windows, and bay Windows, so when we choose curtains, we should match the curtains according to the types of their Windows。If the living room window is a floor-to-ceiling window or half window, generally as long as the living room window is not too small, and there is no need to place items under the window, it is best to do a wall-to-wall curtain, only this kind of ceiling curtain is more space effect and more beautiful。If items are placed under the window, such as bookshelves, sofas and other objects, it is best to choose shutters and curtains at this time, so that the effect is the best。If the living room is a bay window, we must first consider the height of the bay window, if we do not master its size, then the curtains purchased may be too long or too short is not suitable for the bay window。If the bay window is not very regular or the following booth takes up the whole face, it is best to use a shutter or rolling shutter effect will be better。

  2, the choice of bedroom curtains

  Next we talk about the choice of bedroom curtains, bedroom curtains can be different according to the direction of the bedroom, to choose the right curtains。The south bedroom can choose the cloth curtain with good suede material for blocking light, heat insulation and sound insulation, and the organ curtain is also a good choice;The curtains of the north bedroom are relatively "casual", as long as you pay attention to sound insulation and light blocking, as long as it is properly matched, there is almost no too much restriction。

  3, the choice of bathroom curtains

  Finally, let's talk about the choice of bathroom curtains, bathroom requirements for curtains are generally more special, because the bathroom is more humid, so the material requirements are relatively high, generally speaking, polyester material shutter, aluminum or PVC material shutter is a very good choice。The biggest advantage of roller and shutter is that it not only ensures the privacy of the bathroom, but also adjusts the light entry of the bathroom。

  Second, what material is good for curtains at home?

  1. Cotton and linen curtain

  Cotton curtains are more casual and low-key。They are suitable for living room and bedroom use。Due to the relatively simple colors of cotton and linen, the shades of the curtains are very strong。The feel of this fabric gives a sense of calmness and composure。A very understated luxury and very understated beauty, not too flashy colors and patterns, can give you a simple but generous yet stylish home。

  2. Gauze curtains

  Gauze filters UV rays and blocks sunlight from reaching your furniture and floors, while effectively warming your room with sunlight!Gauze exquisite embossed embroidery, giving a low-key luxury texture, lightweight elegant fabric, especially suitable for bedroom, living room study or bay window to use, adjust the light refraction Angle, make it soft, not dazzling。Very decorative, it is a visual partition of your home and protects your privacy。

  3. Flannel curtains

  High quality velvet fabric with smooth texture, color and higher density。Curtains have a soft feel and beautiful appearance, which is an excellent material for curtains。Suitable for living room, bedroom。

  Curtain color

  First, choose a cool color or a warm color?

  Cool colors are elegant, warm colors are more comfortable。Make big judgments according to the style of home you want。

  Second, solid color or color?

  Overall, solid colors are easier to match than patterns。

  There are more colors in the home, and the curtains are pure colors, which can neutralize clutter and appear neater。

  Home color is relatively single, then the curtain selection color, to help create highlights, more colorful。

  Finally, how to choose the specific color?

  Gray is the most versatile color。It is almost the standard of modern minimalist style。

  If it is a double curtain, white gauze and gray curtains are the least likely to make mistakes。

  If it is other colors, the standards you can refer to are:

  Keep the color scheme consistent with the main color, such as the color of the floor or wall;Bedding in the room;

  Or keep consistent with the auxiliary colors, such as the sofa single chair in the living room, large decorative paintings and so on。

  The same color system should be deep and shallow to achieve a balanced aesthetic feeling。

  Don't be all dark or all light。

  In short, don't suddenly appear a color that has never appeared before。

  Curtain texture

  Common curtain materials: cotton and linen, polyester, silk, mixed fabric, yarn, plastic and so on。

  In terms of price, silk is the most expensive, and blended or polyester fabrics are the cheapest。

  In terms of style, cotton and hemp have a natural and artistic sense, silk is good at creating elegant and colorful style, polyester and blended fabrics are suitable for creating all kinds of modern styles, and gauze curtains are soft and elegant。Different materials, each has its own advantages。

  In terms of daylighting, it is divided into transparent, semi-transparent and opaque。

  The bedroom has high shading requirements, the study needs to be bright, and the living room depends on the specific environment of use。

  Finally, the thickness of the curtain, spring and summer suitable for soft fabrics, breathable and cool;Fall and winter are suitable for heavy fabrics。Floral curtains do not have a clear distinction between the four seasons, and it is no problem to use them all year round。

  Curtain style

  Common curtain styles are: open and close curtains (fabric curtains), blinds, rolling curtains, Roman curtains, soft gauze curtains and so on。

  Bedrooms and living rooms generally use more open and closed curtains。Gauze curtains and Roman curtains can also be used in bedrooms。

  Gauze curtains have a romantic, gentle temperament。

  The biggest advantage of the Roman curtain is its simplicity and looks light。It is a good choice for families with active children, pets, or both。

  Study, dining room, kitchen, bathroom can be considered shutter, at any time to adjust the light is very convenient。

  By the way, to share a tip, the installation of curtains as close as possible to the ceiling, rather than near the edge of the window, will make the room appear higher and the house larger!


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