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  Wuhanssen Haisel Curtain Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and has been focusing on curtains。Our curtains are installed in residential areas, office buildings, hospitals, companies, factories and other fields。Wide product coverage, many styles, low prices, good service attitude, this is the customer's consistent evaluation of us。Over the years, we always adhere to the principle of customer requirements, to one to one design, production, installation, after-sales service process。Because of such focus, it has won the favor of many repeat customers。That's how we were able to evolve and grow and become who we are today。

  Innovation, effort, enterprising is our spirit。

  We will continue to pursue perfection and give you a wonderful home experience。

  Service standard: 5S service concept

  smile - Convey our cheerful and considerate service attitude with a smile。

  swift - Rapid completion of measurement and design services with rapid action。

  sincere - sincere attitude is the basic principle of after-sales personnel。

  skillful - Use smart working methods and rich decoration knowledge to gain the trust of customers。

  specialty - always learn professional knowledge, to provide customers with professional and quality service。

  After-sales system:

  The company has an independent after-sales service department, when receiving customer feedback, the first time to solve the problem, and make efforts to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction。

Qualification honor

Qualification honor

Qualification honor


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