Honeycomb multicolor aluminum foil blinds

Honeycomb multicolor aluminum foil blinds

 一.Shutter curtain parameters:

  Material: Aluminum foil patch

  Color classification: Multiple colors can be selected

  Applicable object: hotel, office area, building, hotel, teahouse and other places

  Blackout function: full blackout, half blackout

  Import or not: Import

  Fabric specification: Width 2.5厘米

  Whether the cost of processing accessories is included: including the cost of processing accessories

  Style: Simple and modern

 二.Shutter curtain features:

  1.Full blackout honeycomb curtain: Full blackout honeycomb curtain is a style of honeycomb curtain, with heat and sound insulation functions, can effectively maintain indoor temperature and space quiet。Due to its full blackout design, it can effectively protect privacy, and the product is available in a variety of colors, and semi-blackout design, mainly used in restaurants, bathrooms and garage Windows。

  2.Semi-blackout Honeycomb curtain: The semi-blackout honeycomb curtain combines the function and elegance of the honeycomb curtain with the design of the classic pleated curtain, which is an almost perfect window decoration product。The honeycomb curtain overcomes the weakness of the pleated curtain due to the increase in height and weight, which leads to the straightedge of the curtain, so that the curtain remains consistent and the color is integrated。Because the pull string passes through the back protective layer, the pull string and perforation are not visible in the bee fold curtain。

  3..retarder。The use of growth rate structure, so that the friction force increases with the increase of speed, so that the friction force and the gravity of the curtain reach a certain proportion, so that the curtain achieves the effect of uniform speed decline。

  4..localizer。The use of slotted wheels makes the system more sensitive for locking and unlocking。

  5..Conical coil, use to roll the line evenly, pull the rope up and down smoothly。

  6..制头。The main parts are made of PC, nylon and glass fiber, POM and other engineering plastics with excellent properties。Curtain lift smooth, smooth operation, feel good。The rotation ratio of the system head is 1:1, and the revolving bead must be used for convenient installation。

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