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  • How to fix curtains on drywall
    The combination of gypsum board and light steel keel is often used in home and office decoration because of its affordable price and good convenience. It must be that when you install curtains, you encounter gypsum board at the top, which is often encountered because of Xiaobian

  • How to distinguish the curtain track is good or bad
    In family life, the window as an important part of the home decoration has always been our attention, and the choice of curtains as window decorations, not only can play a beautiful role, for our home life is a kind of protection。And the curtain track is simply

  • How to choose blinds?
    Many family curtains are always hung for a year, at the end of the year, just want to take down to wash, and it is very troublesome to clean。The shutter curtain in the modern family with ventilation, shading, sound insulation, as well as shading and cooling, decoration room and so on, deeply

  • How to install blinds?
    Blinds are quite common in daily life, especially in many corporate offices。When the shutter is opened, it is like a piece of leaves is very beautiful, and the volume is very small and will not take up too much space, so the shutter is deeply eliminated

  • Is it necessary to install gauze curtains for curtains?
    Now many people will choose to install curtains, but there are not so many people who install gauze curtains。Most people think there is no need to install, after all, the gauze curtain is so thin a layer does not have much effect, then in the end to install the gauze curtain?Just down there by Wu Hansen Hessell



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