Fine aluminum blinds

Fine aluminum blinds

  一.Blinds are introduced

  1.Product name: Fine aluminum shutter curtain

  2.Material: Aluminum alloy

  3.Blackout index: 85%

  4.Product size: optional

  5.Product color: White


  二.Why choose this blinds

  1.It has the main functions of regulating light, improving visual comfort, improving indoor air circulation, improving thermal comfort, enhancing privacy and saving energy consumption。

  2.The curtain is made of high quality material, good elasticity, high strength and not easy to deform。

  3.Pinhole blinds are processed with special technology to ensure uniform opening and the effect of light transmittance。

  4.Curtain pieces have a variety of colors, textures, specifications to choose from, color design, experience personalized color space, to meet the individual needs of home decoration。

  5.Part of the curtain is coated with titanium oxide, which can react with ultraviolet light to produce light purification, and play a self-cleaning effect of anti-fouling, antibacterial, deodorizing and clean air。


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