2017 new bamboo cotton jacquard curtain art
2017 new bamboo cotton jacquard curtain art

   一.Fabric curtain introduction:

  Product name: 2017 new bamboo cotton jacquard fabric curtain

  Material: slub cotton

  Production process: jacquard

  Shading index: High shading (70%-90%)

  Product features: energy saving, anti-noise, heat insulation

  Curtain color: pink, sky blue

  Style: Modern and simple

  Curtain price: 55 yuan/meter

2017 new bamboo cotton jacquard curtain art

  二.Why choose this fabric curtain:

  1.Heritage craft + stunning design + rigorous material selection - the ultimate experience

  2.Exquisite jacquard fabric: ultra-delicate and soft texture, upgraded material, soft and wrinkle-free;

  3.Carefully selected high-shading fabric, three layers woven, shading rate can reach 90%, to meet the needs of most families;

  4.Multi-layer process, meticulous, simple but not simple, thickened double-sided jacquard process, so that the surface density is higher, revealing this modern fashion atmosphere;

2017 new bamboo cotton jacquard curtain art

  三.Curtains warm tips:

  Usually cleaning and maintenance: after dust treatment, the product has anti-static function, no dust characteristics;

  1, usually clean (maintenance) often with a flexible brush or (feather brush) dust。

  2, can also use vacuum cleaner cleaning, with a flexible brush vacuum cleaner care, the best effect。

  3, never use bleach when cleaning fabric curtains, try not to dehydrate and dry, to natural air dry, so as not to destroy the texture of the curtain itself。Ordinary fabric curtains can be scrubbed with wet cloth, but the fabric that is easy to shrink should be dry cleaned as much as possible

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