Chenille Jacquard Hotel engineering curtains

Chenille Jacquard Hotel engineering curtains


  一.Project curtain introduction:

  Product name: Chenille Jacquard hotel project curtain

  Material: Chenille

  Manufacturing process: Cationic, embossed, jacquard, Chenille

  Shading index: High shading (70%-90%)

  Control system: pull hook type

  Product size: Cut according to the actual environment

  Curtain color: beige, purple, brown, blue, gold

Chenille Jacquard Hotel engineering curtains

  二.Why choose this engineering curtain

  1.Popular Tuhao gold, wealth and luxury in one, the choice of atmosphere。Elegant purple, warm color matching, elegant space style;

  2.High precision Chenille cloth, shading up to 90%, summer shading heat insulation, winter wind;

  3.Window curtain: the ultimate noble luxury, top technology, classical and fashion;

  4.Screen curtain details: solid color design, flower cutting process, simple but not simple;


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