Polyester vertical engineering curtains


Polyester vertical engineering curtains


      1. Product parameters

  1, material polyester

  2. Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (Polyester)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 100%

  4. Process: water-soluble embroidery, embroidery

  5, function: shading

  6, classification: vertical curtain

  7, can be customized: Yes

  8, color: rice white cloth, rice white yarn

  9, shading: shading

  10, applicable space: living room, bedroom, study and so on

  11, product style: embroidery curtain

  12, curtain material: bottom jacquard fabric, fabric embroidery lace

  Second, the advantages of embroidered curtains

  1, fine water-soluble embroidery process: The fabric uses high-grade water-soluble embroidery, exquisite embroidery technology, rich atmosphere, calm, luxury sense, the overall space effect。

  2, exquisite decoration: exquisite pendant decoration, simple without losing the atmosphere, release a kind of elegant and noble temperament。

  3, silky vertical: superior texture, silky luster, with a good sag, exquisite workmanship。

  4, embroidery process yarn: exquisite high-grade embroidery yarn, full pattern with a sense of layer, with an extremely exotic flavor of the pattern, bring a smart illusion, atmospheric beauty。

  5, the perfect design style: the designer's perfect design concept, the atmosphere and elegance can be pulled on the gauze curtain during the day, not only to add a soft, warm, romantic atmosphere to the room。And the light is soft and airy。It can soothe your mood and make you love your home more。

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