Eco-friendly polyester engineering blackout curtain

 Eco-friendly polyester engineering blackout curtain


 1. Product parameters

  1. Material: eco-friendly polyester fabric

  2. Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (Polyester)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 99

  4, process: shading

  5, function: shading

  6. Classification: Rolling curtain

  7, can be customized: Yes

  8, product name: project blackout roller curtain

  9. Leaf material: environmentally friendly polyester fabric

  10, product size: conventional size (can be customized according to customer requirements)

  11, rail material: matching aluminum alloy rail

  12, the lower rail material;Color matching aluminum alloy rail

  13, working principle: cycle bead

  14, rope material: color matching acrylic handle

  Second, the advantages of this project curtain

  1, the use of high-grade fabrics and foreign advanced preparation technology, ladder type adjustment of light, the connection is woven, not easy to deformation and not loose silk, shading up to 96%

  2, equipped with high-quality color matching handle and precision POM pull beads, quick pull to adjust the lift, but also improve the beauty of the curtain

  3, the upper and lower tracks are made of imported aluminum alloy material, color matching insert cover shell, and can also be matched with high-grade wire drawing tracks to effectively ensure long-term use。

  4, beautiful under the rod, smooth fabric, durable, beautiful and generous。

  Three, how to clean the project curtains?

  1. Place a piece of cloth under the blinds beforehand。

  2, use a small brush to remove the dust on several lines of the blade,

  3, with a layer of cotton gloves wet with cleaning liquid, fingers clamp the leaf repeatedly cleaning。

  4, if the dirt is very stubborn, it needs to be wiped clean。

  5. If it is a blade, wet the cloth with cleaning solution, insert your hand into the back of the blade and wipe it along the direction of the blade。

  6. Finally wipe the shutters with clean water and dry them naturally。

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