Semi-blackout vertical engineering curtain

Semi-blackout vertical engineering curtain


  一.Project curtain introduction:

  Product name: semi-blackout vertical engineering curtain

  Material: Aluminum alloy + fiber cloth

  Production process: open and close dimming shade

  Blackout index: Semi-blackout (40%-70%)

  Product features: energy saving, anti-noise, heat insulation

  Curtain color: white

  Application: Suitable for living room, balcony, study, teahouse, bar, hotel, office building and other places。

  Price calculation: Price = width m× height m× unit price [Price includes guide rail and accessories]

  二.Why choose this engineering curtain:

  1.A combination of practicality, period and art, fiber curtains have the advantage of adjusting the light from different angles, so that the indoor environment is arranged harmoniously, and you can still enjoy the outdoor scenery while closing the curtains to block the sun。

  2.Fiber curtain can prevent moisture, prevent solar ultraviolet rays, no aging, no wear, do not fade characteristics。

  3.Fiber curtain because of its warm, elegant, generous and become the first choice for office buildings, office buildings and home decoration.Curtain width: 100mm。

  4.The fiber curtain is treated with water and oil, eliminating the tedious cleaning care。

  5.Fiber curtain by special acrylic (acrylic) resin treatment, feel good, soft, wrinkle-free, vertical feeling good。

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