Partition fine bamboo shade curtain rolling curtain

Partition fine bamboo shade curtain rolling curtain


  一.Roll-up curtain introduction:

  Product name: Partition fine bamboo shade curtain curtain

  Material: Bamboo

  Production process: primary color, carbonization, painting, dyeing

  Blackout index: semi-blackout

  Product features: energy saving, heat insulation

  Control system: Pull rope

  Product size: Width -72cm

  Curtain color: walnut, bamboo, carbonized color, black

  Curtain style: Chinese style

  Applicable environment: teahouse, restaurant, hotel, Chinese architecture, home, exhibition hall and other occasions


  二.Why choose this roll-up curtain

  1.Home: Bead curtain effectively block the light, the light becomes soft, and breathable not dull, to create a comfortable living environment for you;

  2.Teahouse restaurant: The simple and elegant bamboo curtain, while shading, adds fresh and elegant style to the teahouse restaurant;

  3.Solid wood: thickened square wood track, width 35mm, thickness 20mm;

  4.Smooth: high quality pvc material, built-in copper lock;


  三.Introduction to bamboo technology

  Carbonization process is the traditional production process of bamboo products, its principle is to put bamboo products in 200-300 degrees of high pressure carbonization boiler。In the environment of high temperature, high pressure and high humidity, organic matter and sugar, protein and starch in bamboo are denatured and decomposed。The growth environment of fungi and bacteria is destroyed, and microorganisms in bamboo are killed at the same time。After high temperature and high pressure, bamboo fiber coke appears bronze, or similar to coffee color, and the surface hardness of bamboo after carbonization is also greatly enhanced;

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