Semi-blackout hand-rolled curtains

 Semi-blackout hand-rolled curtains


 一.Roll-up curtain introduction:

  Product name: semi-blackout manual rolling curtain

  Material: Polyester

  Production process: stamping type

  Blackout index: Semi-blackout (40%-70%)

  Product features: energy saving, heat insulation

  Control system: pull bead type

  Product size: Custom size

  Curtain color: Silver

  Curtain style: modern and simple


  二.Why choose this roll-up curtain

  1.High-quality head: selection of high-quality materials, manual bead operation roller curtain up or down, light force, smooth and stable;

  2.Fabric: Selection of high-quality fabric, feel smooth and fine, good elasticity, not easy to deformation;

  3.Fine process: high quality rolling curtain, do not drop;

  4.Aluminum alloy track, durable, a variety of styles to choose from;


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