Eco-friendly polyester office roller curtain


What are the installation methods of office roller curtains?


 First, office roller curtain parameters

  1, material cloth, environmentally friendly polyester, PVC

  2, semi-manual process, ultrasonic cutting

  3. Is it customizable

  4, function of high shading (70%-90%)

  5. Sort the curtain

  6, product size: customized sales

  7, suitable for: flat, floor to ceiling Windows, other window types

  Second, the role of office roller curtain

  1, heat insulation curtain: temperature controllable energy saving and environmental protection

  2, block ultraviolet rays: special coating blocks ultraviolet rays

  3, waterproof and easy to clean: excellent material, anti-oil and anti-fouling

  4, health and environmental protection coating: environmental protection material, does not contain harmful substances。

  5, full and half shading optional: half, full shading, a variety of options

  Three, office roller shutter installation method

  1. Insert the scroll on the right side

  2, the right head and the head insert the scroll

  3. Install the head on both sides of the lower shaft

  4. Draw the right mounting hole

  5. After finishing the hole, install the right expansion wire and screw

  6. Draw the left mounting hole

  7. After finishing the hole, install the left expansion wire and screw

  8, first insert the right head into the head

  9. Insert the left head into the control head

  10 Installation Complete

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