True velvet jacquard Roman curtains

True velvet jacquard Roman curtains

 一.Roman curtain introduction:

  Product name: Real velvet jacquard Roman curtain

  Material: Polyester (Polyester)

  Production process: jacquard

  Shading index: High shading (70%-90%)

  Product features: environmental protection and health, sunshade, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, fashion and beautiful

  Control system: pull hook type

  Product size: Width -72cm

  Curtain color: Gold coffee

  Curtain style: modern and simple

  Curtain price: 46 yuan/meter

True velvet jacquard Roman curtains

  二.Why choose this curtain

  1.Exquisite jacquard technology: simple and generous jacquard curtain, from the bone revealed this comfortable taste, exquisite jacquard for the curtain to add grade more exquisite craftsmanship;

  2.Environmental protection process - natural fibers;

  3.Natural material - breathable heat insulation;

  4.Texture cleaning - finely crafted for quality;

  5.Selection of high quality base cloth: the quality is better, the selection of high quality polyester fabric as the base material;

  6.The cut is neat and meticulous, leaving no defects, the line is tight, and the spacing is unified;

  7.The whole responds to the curtain head, vertical, three-dimensional, textured, the bottom edge is wrapped, the details highlight the quality, the simple reflects the high quality;

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