Polyester Roman curtains


Polyester Roman curtains


    First, the product parameters of fabric curtains

  1, Material: cotton, polyester

  2. Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (Polyester)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 100

  4, fabric sub-composition: cotton

  5, fabric sub-component content: 100

  6. Craft: Embroidery

  7, function: shading

  8, classification: window curtain curtain, Roman curtain, rolling curtain, buckle wave curtain, vertical curtain, butterfly curtain, triangle curtain, punch curtain, balloon curtain

  9. Product style: pastoral style

  10, washing method: can be hand washed, gentle washing, no bleaching, please remove the hook and Roman circle before washing

  11, shading: 95% or more

  Second, the advantages of this cloth curtain

  1, high precision fabric: environmental protection, breathable, comfortable, good hanging, soft color

  2, embroidery healthy fabric: imported yarn, exquisite pattern stitching smooth and exquisite。

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