Monochrome velour blinds
Monochrome flexure blinds

  一.Louver curtain introduction:

  Product name: monochrome soft yarn blinds

  Material: Polyester fabric, aluminum alloy up and down track

  Production process: Double layer handmade fabric

  Blackout index: 90%

  Product features: energy saving, anti-noise, heat insulation

  Control system: Pull beads to adjust lighting, control fabric lifting

  Installation type: internal (top)/ external (side)

  Product size: Width -72cm

  Product type: Fully enclosed - Sunblock semi-enclosed - Good lighting

  Curtain color: Light gray, pink, dark gray, light blue, purple, chocolate, light green, blue, light orange, light yellow, white, beige, watermelon red

  二.Louver curtain Accessories:

  1.Crystal beads: fashionable crystal beads, solid structure, can withstand frequent pulling, its transparent texture adds an elegant temperament to the curtain。

  2.Lower rod: The lower rod is a thickened electrophoretic aluminum alloy tube, the surface coating has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, the color is bright, lasting as new;

  3.Upper cover: The upper box adopts thickened aluminum alloy cover, high-quality aluminum material, fully closed cover shell, not easy to enter ash, strong and durable。

  三.Louver curtain measurement

  1.Built-in measurement:

  Measuring requirements - Measuring the width, height and depth of the window frame

  Curtain size - curtain width = window width -1cm curtain height - window height

  Installation requirements: The depth of the window frame is more than 7cm, and the window cannot be opened inside

  2.External measurement:

  Measurement requirements: Width and height inside the measurement frame

  Curtain size: curtain width = window width +20cm curtain height = window height +20cam

    四.Why choose this blinds:

  1.Energy saving and environmental protection, printing and dyeing process: The fabric is made of imported polyester fiber materials and foreign imported printing and dyeing process, non-toxic and harmless, longer lasting color and stronger use。With high strength and elastic resilience, it can withstand frequent use and does not adhere to dust。

  2.Double-page laminated design, can adjust the light, filter strong light and ultraviolet light, adjust the brightness of light at will has good thermal insulation performance, good shading effect, can resist 60% ultraviolet light, eliminate up to 70% of solar radiation。

  3.High-quality accessories: The use of the best quality accessories, long life, no rust, and fixed should not be loosened, invisible after installation

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