Blackout and rainproof blinds

Blackout and rainproof blinds


 一.Louver curtain introduction:

  Curtain name: shade and rain shutter curtain

  Material: Aluminum alloy

  Surface: spray paint

  Blackout index: 90%

  Color choice: White

  Curtain size: multiple styles, consult your choice

  二.Why choose this blinds:

  1.Safety: made of high quality material, and through unique design, one shape, no solder joints, the overall strength is greatly improved;

  2.Long life: the selection of domestic and raw materials, no deformation, no fading, no aging at high temperature Celsius;

  3.Easy installation: with patented friction link or proprietary link accessories for installation, easy and fast, fixed firmly;

  4.Self-cleaning performance: high quality aluminum alloy surface, long life, corrosion resistance, so that guardrail products have good self-cleaning performance, rain wash and water gun spray system can be smooth as new;

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