Acetate fabric curtains


Acetate fabric curtains


 First, the introduction of cloth curtains

  1, Material: cotton, polyester

  2. Main component of fabric: acetate fiber (acetate)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 60

  4, fabric components: viscose fiber (viscose fiber)

  5, fabric sub-component content: 40

  6, process: jacquard, printing

  7. Functional semi-shading (40%-70%)

  8, classification of Roman curtain, vertical curtain, perforated curtain

  9, can be customized: Yes

  Second, the advantages of this cloth curtain

  1, active printing and dyeing;Strong adhesion, high color firmness no formaldehyde。All indicators are in line with international environmental standards, in line with human health and environmental protection requirements

  2, active printing material dyeing;Reactive dyes have wide chromatogram, bright color, excellent performance and strong applicability。The improvement of the fastness to friction and washing is to improve the level of various fastness properties, especially the wet fastness。

  3, washing;Easier to clean will not fade, can be machine washing and drying is also convenient。

  4, environmental protection;The use of physical shading without odor, healthy without staining, more assured use。

  5, beautiful;More choices to bring more visual enjoyment, the use of high-grade embroidery, printing and dyeing process color lasting, beautiful do not fade

  6, durable;High cost performance, washing material weaving process can be used for 50 years。

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