Plain jacquard curtains


Plain jacquard curtains


       First, fabric curtain introduction

  1. Material: polyester

  2. Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (Polyester)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 85%

  4, fabric components: polyester fiber (polyester)

  5, fabric sub-component content: 25%

  6, process: plain jacquard double twist, water embroidery, embroidery

  7, function: high shading (70%-90%)

  8, classification: window curtain curtain, vertical curtain, perforated curtain

  9, can be customized: Yes

  10. Style: modern and simple

Plain jacquard curtains

 Second, the advantages of this cloth curtain

  1, the overall display: from fabric to color, elements, give a full sense of European style, noble and gorgeous, without losing a sense of modern fashion, is your family, restaurant, hotel decoration of choice。The curtain tail heavy drop feeling is excellent, soft and comfortable, showing is comfortable and beautiful, increase flexibility。

  2, open the display: open the curtain, do not have a charm, high-quality fabric and good draping, so that the curtain whether vertical or folded, have a beautiful shape, regular folds and luster especially elegant。Whether it is the front or the back of the fabric, there is the same fine process, the pursuit of big-name quality。

  3, fabric details: high-quality material selection, we are not willing to reduce costs and make shoddy products, quality is our constant pursuit。Insist on good quality curtain fabric。

  4, window screen details: exquisite high precision bottom yarn, clearly visible embroidery line, strong concave and convex sense, and the curtain to form a harmonious and unified match, stable color atmosphere, elegant fashion。

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