Embroidered home curtain


Embroidered home curtain


     First, the introduction of family curtains

  1, Material: cotton, polyester

  2. Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (Polyester)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 80%

  4, fabric components: polyester fiber (polyester)

  5, fabric sub-component content: 20%

  6. Craft: Embroidery

  7, function: semi-blackout (40%-70%)

  8, classification: vertical curtain

Embroidered home curtain

  Second, the advantages of embroidery family curtains

  1, exquisite embroidery: The use of active printing and dyeing, natural environmental protection does not fade, the pattern is clear, bright colors, for a long time are used to noisy modern people to give people back to the soul feeling。

  2, healthy fabric: the use of high-quality linen, healthy and environmentally friendly feel comfortable, care for the family。

  3, transparent window screen: with the pattern of the window screen, the pattern is clear and beautiful, transparent and clean

  4, good drape: high quality material, good shading effect, good vertical sense, good stability。

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