Printed home curtain


Printed home curtain

      First, the introduction of family curtains

  1. Material: hemp

  2. Main component of fabric: hemp

  3. Main component content of fabric: 80%

  4, fabric components: linen

  5, fabric sub-component content: 20%

  6. Process: printing

  7, function: semi-blackout (40%-70%)

  8, classification: Roman curtain, vertical curtain, perforated curtain

  9. Style: Pastoral

Printed home curtain

  Second, the advantages of printing family curtains

  1, has a very good sense of drape, has a high shading, the overall color unity。

  2, fabric: feel delicate and soft, give you a silky charming texture, let people love。

  3, the unique design: European material and technology, simple and practical modern design makes home decoration more spiritual, making the beauty of Europe through the years, in our side living color fragrance。

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