Chenille embroidered blackout living room coffee curtains

一.Curtain parameters:

  Material: Chenille embroidery

  Color classification: Multiple colors can be selected

  Applicable objects: residential families, villas, duplex buildings and other places

  Blackout function: Full blackout (100%)

  Import or not: domestic

  Craft: Woven

  Whether the cost of processing accessories is included: including the cost of processing accessories

  Style: European classical

 二.Features of this family curtain:

  1.Pure: European style landing beautiful romantic phoenix, exquisite embroidery process, can touch the texture;

  2.Gorgeous: the noble color with exquisite accessories, highlighting the European luxury, noble charm;

  3.From nature material: safe and pollution-free environmental protection, chenille fabric features combined with yarn design, make the home more luxurious and warm;

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