Internet red Korean bedroom hollow star princess wind double curtain

一.Home curtain introduction:

  Product name: Bedroom hollow star curtain family curtain

  Material: Cotton, polyester,

  Production process: splicing, hollow jacquard

  Shading index: High shading (70%-90%)

  Product features: energy saving, anti-noise, heat insulation

  Control system: Korean punching

  Product size: Cut according to the actual space

  Curtain color: pink, sky blue

  Curtain style: Korean princess style

  二.Curtain features:

  1.Originality: Korean princess style, fresh colors。Soft and natural touch, from far to near, from ordinary to exquisite, wonderful presentation, furniture more vitality;

  2.Style matching: Korean small fresh gradual fashion simple, is the interpretation of modern love life, the best choice for the bedroom.

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