New launch mabrasion suede Nordic simple bedroom shading

一.Fabric curtain introduction:

  Product name: milled suede vertical curtain

  Material: Suede fabric

  Manufacturing process: stitching jacquard

  Blackout index: Blackout (80%-90%)

  Product features: energy saving, anti-noise, heat insulation

  Control system: manual opening and closing

  Style matching: Nordic simple, simple European, modern Chinese

  Curtain color: pink, blue


  二.Why choose this fabric curtain

  1.Atmosphere quiet overall gives a clean and gentle comfort can also neutralize the look of furniture, texture is clearly visible, natural texture;

  2.Fabric details: Suede fabric natural and simple, good texture, mellow color, inadvertently show the repair and real scenery;

  3.White gauze curtain details: delicate and beautiful, free and unrestricted, to create a comfortable space;

  4.Color matching: Pink vertical pink gingham, blue vertical blue gingham

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