Solid color thickened linen shade engineering curtain

 Solid color thickened linen shade engineering curtain

 一.Project curtain introduction:

  Product name: Solid color thickened linen shading project curtain

  Material: polyester, hemp

  Production process: dyeing

  Shading index:

  High shading (70%-90%)

  Control system: pull hook type

  Applicable location: hotel, office, school, etc

  Product specifications: Cut [no processing] single buy fabric, whole roll [no processing]

  Curtain color: beige, dark green, orange pink

  Product style: modern and simple

  Product color: beige, gray, light coffee, red coffee, military green, fruit green, dark coffee, sapphire blue, wine red

Project curtain 9 colors available

 二.Product features:

  1.Soft and comfortable cotton and hemp material, gentle care for every family;

  2.Selected cotton and linen fabric, natural pollution-free, fresh and breathable, healthy and environmentally friendly, clear visible texture, comfortable and soft feel;

  3.Precise knitting car line, seiko line, smooth and balanced, carefully care for every detail of your life;

  4.Cotton and linen, a culture precipitated by thousands of years of history, cotton and linen spirit: interprets a collision of retro and fashion, leading a new way of urban leisure

Solid color thickened linen shade engineering curtain


  Processing style: hook type punch type Korean hook type

  Processing fee: Hook 5 yuan/per meter, punch 10 yuan/per meter, Korean hook 8 yuan/per meter, with fine woven tape, need to do the pro PLS inform customer service, binding processing fee 2 yuan 1!

  The decorative lace strip in the picture is added in addition, customized curtain relatives need to add lace, please contact the manufacturer, lace 10 yuan per meter additional billing。

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