Semi-blackout Roman curtains


 Semi-blackout Roman curtains


      First, Roman curtain parameters

  1. Material: printing

  2. Main component of fabric: polyester fiber (Polyester)

  3. Main component content of fabric: 100%

  4, fabric components: polyester fiber (polyester)

  5, fabric sub-component content 100%

  6. Process: printing

  7, function: semi-blackout (40%-70%)

  8, category: Roman curtain

  9, can be customized: Yes

  Second, the advantages of this Roman curtain

  1. Velvet texture: natural and environmentally friendly, with rough velvet texture above, on the basis of maintaining the natural texture of velvet。Greatly reduce the shrinkage rate。

  2, environmental printing: The use of velvet printing process, the beautiful pattern printed on the texture of the velvet fabric, fresh and elegant, soft and romantic。

  3, heat insulation and ventilation: pure velvet blend combination, that is, breathable, and heat insulation, the two effective breathable combination, bring you real comfort。

  4, lathe line: stitch and line, neat line, exquisite splicing, each

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