Linen Roman curtain


Linen Roman curtain


       1. Product parameters

  1, Material: cotton, polyester, hemp

  2. Main component of fabric: linen

  3. Main component content of fabric: 85%

  4, fabric sub-composition: cotton

  5, fabric sub-component content: 15%

  6. Craft: Embroidery

  7, function: high shading (70%-90%)

  8, classification: Roman curtain, vertical curtain, perforated curtain

  9, can be customized: Yes

  10, Color: green, blue, gray

  11. Style: Pastoral


  Two, the advantages of linen Roman curtains

  1, linen shading cloth: linen shading cloth texture more delicate texture hemp design environmental protection more fashion, feel smooth, comfortable and natural, natural health, long sun does not fade, and anti-bacterial and anti-mildew。

  2, three-dimensional embroidery: virtual and real adaptation, realistic image of convex and convex sense, enhance the sense of space, color stable atmosphere, lucky tree pattern endowed with connotation。

  3, exquisite matching yarn: high-quality yarn, clear texture, yarn texture crystal reveal the plot and curtain matching pattern, so that the overall vision is more coordinated, visual and tactile perfect feeling

  Third, the process details of linen Roman curtains

  1, exquisite cutting: the selection of high-quality high-precision fabric, five formaldehyde activated carbon environmental dyeing, cutting perfect。

  2, fine workmanship

  In order to ensure that the embroidery on the curtain is smooth and smooth, the process of jacquard and water-soluble embroidery is used。

  3, carefully choose environmental protection materials, exquisite imported technology, noble style of quality curtains, enjoy the exquisite life。

  4, quality: the last inspection, qualified products through the shipment。

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