Double jacquard blinds

Double jacquard blinds


  一.Blinds are introduced

  Curtain name: Double jacquard blinds

  Material: Polyester

  Color: Light brown

  Customizable: Yes

  Product features: anti-fouling, dust-proof, oil-proof

  Curtain size: width 25-260cm high 40-380cm

  Pricing method: calculated by square, net width * net height * price = amount


  二.Why choose this blinds

  1.Selected high quality polyester, health and environmental protection, strict stealing light, shading adjustment, UV protection, sound insulation, water and oil proof, insect and moth proof, durable

  2.Top reel: high-quality mechanical structure, the rolling process is very smooth, durable, to prevent the occurrence of card problems。

  3.Double-layer dimming: The use of high-quality raw materials, after multiple processes, do not do edge, anti-fouling, dustproof, anti-oil, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, wrinkle-free, do not fade;

  4.Lower bar wrapping: wrapping treatment, prevent scratching, increase the drape feeling, play a beautiful effect;

  三.Curtain installation tools:






  四.Curtain cleaning attention

  1.Crease treatment: The fabric adopts surface ironing design, the product is delivered with creases, and will be removed naturally under the fabric's own recovery ability after normal installation. If you want to accelerate recovery, the indoor air humidity can be appropriately increased;

  2.Daily maintenance: Use a feather duster to clean, or use a hair dryer to blow the Buddha at low temperature

  3.Overall cleaning: Use a small vacuum cleaner

  4.If there are stains, use the sea or soft cloth dipped in warm water gently wipe;

  5.Can be washed with cold water shower, can not be washed with hard objects;

  6.After cleaning, it should not be exposed to the sun, and should be completely put down to dry naturally;

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